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Dinner at Yolo

Yolo, or ” You Only Live Once” is a restaurant offering a vibrant creative cuisine with roots in Swedish flavors.
We liked the:
– friendly personnel
– creatively delicious food
– home atmosphere.
Yolo is only three months old, but has the class and confidence of an old timer!

Restaurang Jonas

More photos as usually here.

Swedish Christmas for Dummies

In Sweden, unlike most other Countries (real countries, not like Transnistria, Skåne etc.), the main part of Christmas is not celebrated on December 25th, but on December 24th, Christmas Eve (in Swedish “Julafton”).

But let me take it from the beginning, since this year I was very careful at documenting it.

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Gone fishing @ Blasieholmens Akvarium och Restaurang

Blasieholmens Akvarium och Restaurang or simply B.A.R. is a lively restaurant with an amazing atmosphere, where the fishes are written on a mirror together with their origin, so there is no doubt what you eat 🙂 .
You pick your fish from either the mirror or from the ice disc where you can point with a finger what you want 😉 . Many sidedishes, dips, souces, salads, good choice of wine.
If you visit Stockholm, make sure to have at least one dinner here.

Jana & Jakub amazed by the moves of the alive fishes 🙂