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Graduation/Celebration -> Working/Traveling

I guess the title says all 😉 .

Time is passing by so fast that we don’t even realize how fast the seasons are changing, I still have the feeling that the university started yesterday:

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Too busy to blog, but still blogging


During the past week there were not so many gay events in Stockholm, except the Quarnevalen 🙂 .
Quarnevalen is kind of Scandinavian Rio de Janeiro carnival, the only difference is that you don’t see nicely dressed Brasilian ladies, but strange Swedish students from Royal Institute of Technology, still there were some exceptions 😉 :

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Vasa Museum, Älmhult, Saltsjobaden

After 2 weeks of no writing any posts and not having Internet here comes the boom as Mr. Mallon likes to say 😆 .

I shall start first of all with more culturally things and then end with less culturally attractions 🙂 .

One place in Stockholm which is quoted with 5 stars in all the guides is Vasa Museet. The Vasa Museum is Scandinavia’s most visited museum. The Museum is so famous because of the warship Vasa – the only remaining, intact 17th century ship in the world.

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Spring is all around

Finally Winter is all around by Billy Mack/Nighy is not more valid for Stockholm 😆
Rising and setting times show interesting numbers for the next days and finally I have the opportunity to see what looks like the so called – Sun 😎 :

Today, at long last, the sun decided to grant us a bit of attention, so finally no more black/white pictures:

Now I can enjoy making new pictures with the blue-blue sky and those from Milan may envy us 😛 :

Stockholm City Hall

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Nobel prize for every International student

Yesterday the City of Stockholm and the Stockholm County Council had the pleasure of my company 😎 at a reception with buffet at Stadshuset (City Hall).

City Hall
(this picture was attached to the invitation, so I suppose I have all the rights to post it on my commercial blog 😕 )

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Sweden – motherland of rules

For decades, Sweden’s liquor stores were few and far. They closed by 6 on weekdays and never opened on weekends. Choice was limited and prices high. Bottles were displayed inside glass cases. Customers took numbers – and waited.
These measures were imposed to discourage the consumption of alcohol in a nation with a tradition of drinking to the point of drunkenness and a history of abuse going back to the miseries of 19th-century industrialization, when cheap liquor led to widespread abuse.

But piece by piece, Sweden is the motherland of rules not only regarding alcohol and anti-alcohol policies. Actually these rules and policies violate the European Union’s rules of fair competition. These kind of measures, rules, limitations I found not only within alcohol industry.

During my 2 weeks in Sverige I concluded that Sweets… sorry Swedes 😳 have many rules, too many – and maybe this is good in order to have a high level of living, respect in the society and bla bla bla.

Strange rules, restrictions and prohibition signs are everywhere, in front of the school, kindergarten, night clubs, below my bed, in front of my door and even in front of McDonald’s (which is supposed to represent the place of all possibilities) :

No Alcohol

Alcohol SSE

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Bienvenidos a Sverige

It was a busy, but wonderful night before leaving Prague. Having a nice dinner with Silvestru Family 😉 and than exclusively they provided us an unforgettable night tour around Prague, for few minutes we transformed our car in a horse carriage, which means that we have the permission to drive through Old Town Square and other places 🙂 :

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Highest density of people wearing ties on km2

Brussels is the city with one of the highest density of people wearing ties on the km2.
I can divide the population of Brussels into 2 categories:
1) Those who are wearing EU ID badge, of course with EU logo,
2) Those who don’t: they can be simple tourists or not EU fans 🙂 .
Sometimes I have the feeling that I am related to some terrorist groups, not because I am behaving like them, just of the simple fact how the police officers from
the entrance of the European Commission:
EU Commission
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В Брюсселе Мы не говорим по-английски

It’s been 4 days since Brussels became my “home”, but not a very hospitable one.
Life in Brussels is kind of strange: no English in metro, no English in the buses, trams, no English inside all the EU institutions, if you speak French or Dutch (I don’t 🙂 ) you are welcomed inside the EU capital city.
Before writing how nice Brussels is, it deserves to say some words (some bad words :- ) ) about the whole integrated Brussels transportation system. It is so unclear and illogical, no description, no English, no English speaking people. Brussels’s transportation doesn’t speak at all, I mean there isn’t any announcement about the next station, and even they don’t have led display with the name of the next station> so all the time we poor foreigners are supposed to:
1) to count the stations;
2) to watch through dirty windows of the metro/tram the name of station which is graved at each station (size 12, Times New Roman 🙂 .

During the nights sometimes 🙂 I am sleeping at the Royal Residence, a very nice place with hot water, something like Kolej Jarov 😛 .

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I feel happy again:-)

At the beginning of October I saw on the pages of my faculty that European Commission in association with Michael Bosak* Society is organizing an essay competition . It was an interesting offer, but I am so inefficient when I see the term “seminární práce”, which translated from Čeština pro cizince 🙂 is some kind of essay/paper work and blabla…From the experience “I fell happy PART 1” I have learned that many of us can be less lazy, more efficient, more lucky. The result was, that I have send the paper and forgot about that.
Today (30.10) normal Tuesday, not sunny day, not working day as usually and around 10 o’clock somebody is calling, because I was writing a test from Principles of Managerial Finance I was not able to answer the call…anyway after one minute I receive an sms “Gratulujem k CMB2007.Musite jet do Bruselu. Pozrite mail a obrato dajte odpoved.” I needed some moments to understand that this is Slovak language (at the beginning I thought somebody forgot his Check language at home 🙂 ) The translation will be smth like this” Congrats for CMB2007. You must go to Brussels. Take a look in the mail and answer us”.
I needed few more moment to understand what is CMB 🙂 – it’s “Cena Michala Bosaka=Michael Bosak’s Prize”.
I stayed calmed …actually I lye, I sad in the classroom : yeasssssss 😀 , in this way I want to apologize to my colleagues for disturbing from their test ;- ) . Continuare »

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