Lap land

My 2008 trip to Lappland was one of the most unforgetable trips and I strongly recommend to have a look again 🙂 .

Everytime winter season was approaching during the past years I was considering to visit again Lappland. However such trips require in advance planning, since airtickets are sold already since summer and accomodation and activities are fully booked.

This year I didn’t have anymore excuses, especially since my brother with his family was visitig me in Stockholm, so we booked night train tickets to Kiruna.

Have a look a some selected photos and I will get back with a more detailed update about our key learnings from this trip.

Au revoir Golden Flame

> 7 years
> 70 mini, midi and maxi projects
> 700 great colleagues

Big city life – Calgary and Edmonton

Lakes and Waterfalls in Alberta

Alberta on a cloudy day

Gumball 3000 Stockholm to Las Vegas

Few picture from 2015 edition of Gumball 3000 race.

Check as well the 2013 edition.

Greater with Diaspora

One last BBQ with Moldovan Ambassador before the end of his mission in Sweden.
By the way the Romanian word for BBQ is “Gratar” – most probably a misspelling of English “Greater” 🙂 .

All photos are available here

Birthday boys

Geneva Motor Show 2015 – a rather different angle

Häringe Palace and one of my favourite photos

I usually do not write about visited castles, palaces, fortresses etc. – it’s boring for me and most probably for the reader 😀 (yes, most probably this blog has one reader – my brother when fixing all blog bugs).

However yesterday I took one of my favourite shots in long time and coincidentally it was inside a palace – Häringe Palace, about 40 KM South of Stockholm.

Forget about the photo quality, light, editing etc. just look how busy it is 🙂 :
– somebody is dancing with a dog, which is actually hold by another somebody
– somebody is walking in circles
– somebody is giving the evil eye to the amateur photographer

I guess I shall sell it to the owners of Häringe Palance 🙂 , however they already have quite an impressive gallery.

I recommend visiting this place, since it is quite unique:
– It has Sweden’s oldest swimming pool
– You will find also Sweden’s oldest bowling alley from the 1930’s.
– The serve probably one of the best Afternoon Tea in Stockholm.

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